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Lubrico Provides Peace of Mind since 1977

Lubrico Warranty is proud to have been providing Peace of Mind Motoring
to Canadian car buyers and dealers since 1977! Consider choosing from
our wide range of warranty terms and products, all with the security of
insurance protection from Lombard General Insurance Company of Canada.


Lubrico Warranty has been providing mechanical breakdown protection to
hundreds of thousands of car buyers since 1977. For more than 30 years,
we have been dedicated to providing a high level of customer
satisfaction through reliability, service and continuous product
development, which has made us the leading used vehicle warranty
provider in Canada!


Across Canada, over 4,000 car dealers choose Lubrico Warranty as their
extended warranty provider. They know they can trust Lubrico and our
more than 2,500 repair centres to protect consumers from unforeseen
repair expenses. Through excellent customer service, fast claims
processing and prompt claims payment, we have built a solid reputation
in this industry - and it shows!

Just 5 min east of the 401 down Col Talbot Rd